Why consider pressure washing your house

The Power Washing Business is a profitable business that most everybody can begin and make a sincere living. The initial capital required is low and there is not expensive overhead necessary to keep your company running. The website states that in most regions there is low competition and high requirement for both commercial and residential work.

You could have noticed how aggressive the landscaping company is in your region. Everyone is apparently driving around a landscaped truck using a lawn mower in the back today.

How often do you find a pressure washing company in your region? The reason being, stress washing is more of a niche company that many people aren’t knowledgeable about. An issue, usually asked by people intrigued in starting their own pressure washing company is, How much money could I make running my own stress washing company?

Clearly this depends upon what the requirement is in their field and how much work they’re willing to put in advertising their company, but here are a few numbers which may give you an idea of the profitability: The average price you may charge to wash one story home is $350-$450 bucks.

Most single story homes on ordinary may take 6 hours of work to achieve. Normally the homeowner may want other stuff stress cleaned or cleaned such as the driveway, fence, roof, area around the pool, etc. You can charge $100-$150 bucks more for each additional thing they need pressure washed. It isn’t uncommon to make $650 bucks for washing a single story home and this fence area, or maybe this home and driveway together.

The commercial side of the company has even higher profit margins. There are a broad range of jobs that have higher returns like cleaning apartment complexes, fleet washing, and parking lots. A strong desire to succeed along using an efficient advertising plan is the key running your very own power washing business, and making a stable, long term income. For a step-by step guide on the way to start and market your very own power washing business and Marketing Business Guide.

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